Children have great hidden potential.

Through coaching, I feel every day that they hold unknown possibilities, like a white canvas.

At Ballet Studio A, I wish to help bring out their potentials and talents.

Ballet is the basic of all types of dance. Through it, one is able to acquire beautiful movements and posture, the ability to concentrate, as well as manners.

Paint your canvases with beautiful colors whilst cherishing your individualities.

Adult women can acquire more “beauty” through ballet.

Ballet moves make you look beautiful from behind, too. Ballet lessons enable you to firmly tone your body, from small muscles to your core. Beautify your posture. It’s never too late to start.

Come and share a wonderful time together. 


​Primary Class

Age 2-5 years

​Wednesday 17:15 - 18:00

     Friday      15:30 - 16:15

  9,500yen(tax in)/ monthly fee


Classes for preschoolers start from learning manners. Bodily expression of all sentiments, delight, anger, sorrow, and pleasure without a word helps develop rich emotions. Ballet moves also form strong cores and flexible muscles which help you acquire beautiful posture and movements.

​Grade Class

Age 6-10 years


​Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00

       Friday    16:20 - 17:20

 11,000yen(tax in)/ monthly fee

Elementary school children are taught flexibility, beautiful posture and movements, and rhythmic sense while learning basic movements of classical ballet. I offer attentive coaching according to the level of each student while showing the joy of dancing.

Women Only


7,000yen / 60min 10,500yen / 90min

Custom-made ballet lessons are available on any day or time you like. (※except for Sundays and Mondays) From beginners to experienced dancers. Acquire beautiful posture. Various lessons are provided to meet a wide range of needs, from stretching exercises to tone muscles required for ballet dancers to professional ballet lessons.

Introduced in a beauty feature “24 Hours of Women with Beautiful Backs” of VOGUE JAPAN September 2017 edition. Introduced in a beauty feature “Gorgeous Bodies and Styles of 10 Beauties” of FIGARO japon June 2015 edition.

​Personal Lesson


西村 晃美     Akemi Nishimura

Graduated from Kate Simmons Dance School in UK. Learned various dances including classical ballet for 3 years. Earned licentiates in classical ballet, modern dance, and Spanish dance. Earned various scholarships while in school. Was chosen for the leading role in every act in “Cinderella.” Won numerous first prizes and awards in competitions held in UK. Selected as the representative of Japan for Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition in 2011. Earned National Diploma in Professional Dance upon graduation. Performed a dance for a hommage work by the artist Tetsuya Ishida at a private view for VIPs for the world’s largest art event, Art Basel in Hong Kong. Has been working extensively as an instructor after returning to Japan. Coaches dance and choreography for dance recitals at Seimei Gakuen Junior High School. Works as a ballet instructor at a music school M Music.

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